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Hello everyone!

I like oringinal ideas and I can easly become a flip friend. And I NEVER scam for anything.

I dont like scammers. I also gladly accept tips.


Stars will not adopt a sad dog, they will not save a person, but if a creator just wants some views and a few stars then show them some stars to show that you care, because not adding stars can make someone look a little sketcty


Thanks for:

325 green stars

2 red stars

2 blue stars

over 85 fans

over 110000 stars

Getting me to rank 223


Wanna chat? come to my chatroom



1. get 100 fans( I have 85)

2. get another red and blue star

3. beat my rank high (223)

4. make a popular flipnote

6. have fun!



I am back! Sorry my internet went down so I can't post flipnotes for now. I am getting new internet soon. so I am still online don't think I quit