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Before I go on,I want to tell you, There is no such thing as a bad Hatena Creator. Everyone draws differently! Not better or worse! So if You Wanna be popular on Hatena, all You have to do is keep on trying! I've only ever gotten 2 flipnotes in the MP! Only 2!!! And you don't see me give up, right? Just beleive in yourself! You can do it!!!!!











Hello Awesome Hatena Creators! I am ZackKngBoo! But You can call me Zack!

Can Someone write me an interveiw? I cant think of any more stuffz.

I'm Awesome. Yup. I'm also Epic. Purple's meh favorite color. Or blue, or green. IDK

My Goals On Hatena:

10,000 gold Stars(X)

20,000 gold Stars(X)

50,000 gold Stars(X)(ultamate summer goal reached! :D)

100,000 gold Stars()

10 green Stars(X)

20 green Stars()

50 green Stars()

100 green Stars()

1 Red Star(X)

2 Red Stars()

10 Red Stars()

1 Blue Star()

1 Purple Star()

100 comments(X)

400 comments(X)



10 fans(X)

50 fans(X)

100 fans(X)

150 fans()

I square (lol) if someone gives me a blue star or purple (like that'll ever happen dB) I will be SO FUDGIN HAPPEH!!!

My Friends on Hatena are:


03o (he keeps on changing his name :p)









Evan SG (?)



Paige (gone)

Delek Khan



And then there are those random 1-time friends I meet in Chatrooms.

And a formef h8r that is now my friend, Nawal

Thank you Gabriel for using my OC, Bluzberry, in your MV! YOU ROCK!!!

My O.C.'s are:

Zack: Born on Dec 17th, eye color: Blue Age: 11 The kind and smart protaginist of the group, a very talented and mature boy, though he has an almost uncontrolable temper. While his human form is nice, his Pyro (Fire) Form, is a hero, though will not ask for the help of his friends, and is almost silent (with the acception of OC adventures) Also, he will stop at nothing to reach his goals, even if it involves hurting or, worst case scenerio, destroying someone.

Jebediah: Born May 14th eye color: green (normal) red (evil) Age: 12 Though a loyal friend, Jeb wants to go live his life seprately from Zack and BooDude, normally the smart one, Jeb can even outwit Zack in some situations, and do to his AMAZING skill on the guitar, and the ammount of fans he has, sometimes gets carried away, even to the point of completely turning against his friends, even trying to destroy them.

Bobby and Hatmin: Born: Bobby: Febuary 20th Hatmin: Same day as a B-day present for Bobby. Age: Bobby: 9 Hatmin: ? Normally just following Zack around and trying to help him out, like a little brother.

Asa: Born: August 7th eye color: Red Age: 12 The best friend of Zack, though he can be independant too unlike boodude. Normally the computer genious, although without technology, he is helpless. Note: He is completely modled to be like my best friend in real life, Asa. The real and OC Version Share the same B-day, and Age.

King Boo: Ageless eye color: Black The mischevious king of boos, normally greedy and evil, but is okay around Zack or Squire.

Squire: Ageless, though seemingly younger than Both King Boo and Boodude. Normally the smart and Playful side of King Boo, never being seen without him.

Boodude: Eye color: Black A very loyal friend, Never seen on his own, but normally at Zack or Jeb's side.

Bluzberry: Born: September 27th Eye color: Blue Age: 13 A typical teenager, likes listening to music almost as much as he likes singing it. Note: This is my first Stick Figure OC, it is also interesting to note he has the same Hair style as Asa, But a different Hat.

Morgan: Born, December 17th, age 11 Eye color: Blue Normally the shy one. Not known to be as brave as Zack, And is normally pretty emotional. Note: She is Zack's Identical twin sister, and is based off of my real life friend, Morgan. Who shares my Birthday, but in real life she is 7 years older than me.

Highest Rank Reached:


Highest Most Popular Flipnote rank:


I am 11 years old and I'm confident I can do ANYTHING!!! I like the Legend of Zelda and I LOVE to draw!!! ...I also like singing but I'm not that good...

My Favorite song is Caramelldansen(Its Swedish! I didnt know that!). My favorite singer is Micheal Jackson. My least favorite is Justin Beiber XP My favorite Tv show is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yeah, I'm a brony. Live with it. Not including friends my fav hatena creator is McBoo.

O.C. Adventures character personalities:

Zack- (introduced in OC Adv 1) A possitive reincarnation of Dark Zack. Sent down to earth when the sun was attacked by Darkness. He's nice, as long as you don't mess with him. He could get REALLY angry REALLY fast.

BlueFlare: (Introduced OC Adv 1) A helpful FlameFlare that escaped from her home planet when Dark Zack attacked all the suns in the galaxy.

Frosty: (Introduced OC Adv 1) Zack's best friend that sticks by his side no matter what! They argue some times, but they dont last long! He's willing to help Zack out as much as he can with his super hammer!

Dark Zack: (Introduced OC Adv 2) Created out of pure darkness. It's a very mysterious creature with only one thought, to destroy all suns so he can freeze the universe and make it Dark Zack's own way! D:

O3o- (Introduced OC Adv 5) Zacks Non-Biological Brother who trys to help with everything. He is a nice and helpful person.

Morgan- Introduced in a flash back in OC Adv 5, but didnt get her name untill OC Adv 6. She is Zack's twin sister, though exept for that and being captured by Dark Zack, Nothing else is known about Morgan.

Link's Personallitys:

Green: Umm... Lets just say he's not the wisest dog in the pack...

Blue: Normally grumpy, but sometimes sleepy.

Red: Crazy, insane, loopy, shall I go on? He's obbsesed with destruction.

Purple (but he prefers Vio): He's normally kinda... girlish. But he gets upset easily, too.

Pink: Happy. Optomistic, and fun! Nothing gets him upset. He's also as playful as a 4 year old child. In fact, he practically is one!

Dark/Shadow: A syco-path that only wants world domination and total destruction. Crazier than Red, Grumpier than Blue, this guy is the other Link's ultamate match. He was also created by darkness; not the 4 sword so he dosnt form together with the others to create...

LINK!!!: The Mix of Green, Red, Blue, Vio, and Pink to form the Ultamate Hero! He has the personallity of a true hero, but sometimes, he gets kinda grumpy.

Go Watch 4 swords at Camp! Its HILLARIOUS!!!!!

HOW I CAME TO HATENA (a.k.a. The Origin of ZackKngBoo)

I got my DSi for Christmas, 2010. And I used it alot. then, when I finnally got wi-fi in January I got Flipnote Studio on the shop channel. After I made like, 4 flips, One April night I found the Flipnote Hatena button. So I'm like; "Hey this place is like Youtube for DSi!" So then I asked Mom if I could get a Hatena Account and finnaly on August 1st she gave me an account and I posted my first flipnote. That was a good day.




















LIKES: My Hatena Friends, Dogs, Sonic, LoZ, Mario, Drawing, Pie, Blue-Purple, Lime Green, MLP:FIS, All of my Fans (Unless You are a VILLAN!!! XD), Peace, Quiet.


DISLIKES: Being called Zach (with an h) instead of Zack (with a k), Loudness, Evil, Not having any Ideas for a flipnote, People who insult MLP >:(