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well im very nice but trust me when sumone pushes my buttons its not really pretty.i love pickles i hate peanut/peanut a gal if u dunt no what a gal is then um...plz get help JKJK its a girl well im gonna be 13 but im 12.i guess im koo (ppl tell me im koo but irdk)i love rock,techno,k-pop,rap,and lastly screamo.i love pandas since 3rd grd and giraffes since preschool favorit color gotta say has 2 be black,purple,white,red,gray,hotpink. im a band geek i cant sing so dont tell me 2 sing lol x] im a good riter(thats what ppl say) im a crazy dresser and i do have a boy side and a girl side i have tons of freinds,duz that mean im popular?? anywho's i guess im not mature they say i act lyk a 4 yr.old no im way mature maybe lyk a 9 yr old and im the oldest out of 10 siblings...JKJK lol i have 2 lol well thats basiclly it....y r u still readin!!! bye