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Hello, my name is Dando. It means giving in spanish, but I didn't know that when I came up with the name. It is pronounced Dan-dough.

When I first got my dsi from the christmas of 2010, I quickly found flipnote studios. I made some flipnotes and then in my 6th grade class, my friend told me I should make an account and check out his flipnotes. That friend is mystery box.

I continued to make flipnotes and strive for goals, yet I wasn't getting very far. I really wanted to make people laugh and smile like others do. I tried everything I could think of, Stick fights, Music Videos, Stories, comedy, but nothing worked.

I mostly made friends with stick-fighters as they were in a clan with me. Sadly, I gained a lot of fans, but when I found out they quit hatena my days were down. I thought my animating career on hatena was over.

Then, I realized that I wanted to be an animator when I grow up. This made me work hard to improve my animation.

Flipnote 2.5 came out, and I thought it was terrible. It should have been a blessing but it wasn't for me. I made a note clear, "Flipnote 2.5 makes it so the popular get more popular and the people with not a lot of fans dont get any more >.>"

To this day, I still want to be an animator, and even though not many people watch my flipnotes, I still work hard to improve my animation hoping for the day I can make an animation and have hundreds of people laugh and smile while watching it.