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He guys! Its Len (lol MIND BLOWN). So um to I LOVE MICK: I didnt mean to be such a jerk to u at all and I feel bad. Yes I know, I hate One Direction, Justin Bieber, and BTR, but u dont have to be angry at me about it. U were a little too dramatic about that. ANYWAYS, update! ._.

I will role play with anyone unless u dont use edit-mes. I do yuri, yaoi and basically any type! It gives me something to do, ya know? And if any of u live in America, it might take a while to respond back to u (with spin-offs of role-plays) because I am probably five to six hours later than u. I live in Balbriggen, Dublin, Ireland and I also am busy with my band :/ Here is something I would like to say in Gaelic that I learned in Gaelic class!

Ceart go leor fodhli! (Alright bye!)


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Bridget Boyle






June 1st 1997