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Heller! Im empire if u dunno, im kind of a baby-talk person. Like, instead of saying "dont know" is say "dunno" and instead of "my" i say "meh" and instead of "wolfy" i say "wolfeh" XD lol weird right?? well any way, i am known as North Carolina's best 10-year-old artist!!! its pretty exciting but meh friends are je0lus of meh. I like to draw wolfehs!!!!

i used to be hatena's favorite staff member, but i lost my job due to a hole thing about a girl named shiv-kitty so ya. I love to animate and stuff but what i dont like is haters for my art work. BUT THEY KNOW NOTING!!! lolz

here are some facts about me:

.likes to play basket-ball

.loves to make new friends

.i dream like no other person dreams

.likes dr@ma

.loves real ghost stories

.likes the color sky blue

.a bit g0thlic


and so ya :) my worst fear is to be placed in the center of the earth in a dark DEEP (REALLY DEEEEEEP) Ocean during a storm.

my bestest friends are(i have alot of them):








well, see? that wasnt too much right, what did i tell ya?? :D hr are my question answers:

Do you like guys?

NOOOOOOO, I LIKE GIRLS. of course i like guys!!!

Whats your real name?

shut up.

be my friend?


why do people call u coldie?

it was my most known name. It was my first nickname on hatena. My name was Colddark.

your art su.cks.

And yours dosent?

how old are you?

10 years.

Where do u live?

non-ya buisness

girl or boy?


XD i love doin that stuff. I wish people can understand that i have anger issues and i am very sensitive. And when i say sensitive, I MEAN SENSITIVE. Most people dont admit that but i have to. Im a really depressed perosn too, so i will sound really dramatic also. Just to let ya know. :) well, hope you all have a nice day, and for u to all have a nice 2012! X)


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