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I am 20 years old and am in college and I love pokemon, yu-gi-oh, kingdom hearts, inuyasha, dragon ball Z, soul eater, and family guy. I have beat every new pokemon game I have got in the first day it came out in less than 1 week.

I currently have 36 legit shiny pokemon and searching for more (and they are not up for trade so don`t even ask).

I also love dragons so I might draw some once in a while.

If you ever need me i'll be in shadows pokemon chatroom.

I like to make 3D type patterns so i'll make some every so often.

Request: I will take request on what pokemon to draw besides that i'm working on drawing every pokemon.

Request to finish: 0

Icons: I will now be making profile icon drawings but only pokemon drawings or I can try others.

Series: I'm also going to make a series with my character sometime.

Ep.1: 100%

Also check out my channels.

My DN (duelingnetwork) account name is: bewd1 so u can add me if you want to duel sometime.

I have been to lazy to draw anything that often so srry for the lack of activity but i hope to draw more when i feel like it.

My favorite color is blue.


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