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Hi Stalker, how are you ? I guess you came to my profile to learn more about me. I mean, you are a stalker. Lol. My names Dominic Mehki. I live my life like no ones watching all the time. Lol. I love meeting new people because i get bored easily. Dont get me wrong, im not a mean person. Im probaly the nicest person youll ever meet in this messed up world that we created ! xD Anyways, I think im gonna list 10 random facts about me xD. Here we go:1. I love taking showers. 2. I love you, whoever you are. 3. I don't really like pie. 4. Im a good liar. 5. My favorite colors lime green. 6. My used to be worst enemy is my bestest friend now xD 7. I like pie. 8. I lied. 9. I really do like pie. & 10. I actually had to think really hard to think of those facts. Lol. That enough about me stalkerr ? I think sooo. Byee :]