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Yah this is blame co here to spread the story anyways I'm a pixelater and I know it dB I'm 50% Irish 50% polish and is a ninja I am the answer to the following question old:

Minis 70 times 10 times .5 to the number 72.6

Do math bro! >:[=

Anyways I like nekos and I am a wepons lover and have dem to and I have so many ideas but am to lazy to do them anyways that's all for now besides my O.C is skyguy a stick fig w/a red bandana and a scar in his left eye any pixelation requests are :

( acceptable )

That's all have a nice day and bye...

-H-* Put

-E-* This

-T-* On

-A-* Your

-L-* Page

-T-* If you


-A-* Hetalia!