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First I have to say that i love the Most HIGH GOD with all of heart, soul and mind. I give honor and glory to HIM alone because without my FATHER in haven there will be no me or YOU.I consider myself to be original. I like to make unique flipnotes because it is too much of the same nonsense out there. I am too old to be on here so I will not disclose my real age lol! But just to give you a hint Ive been playing with game boy since it was that big doofy gray square thing.I don't like anything corny and i like innovation and that's what i try to do with all of my flips. I was born and raised in Brooklyn new york and moved to Panama about 1 year and 3 months ago. I am a full African American female no mixture of anything. I like real people and cant take fakers. I also luvvvvvvvv Shojo mangas and anime. thanks 4 stopping by . peace much love