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o.e okie so how about some shout outs C; chut up imma do'em anyways

ahem....*cough cough*



nathan ofcourse<3

ok your so fre.aking amazing and ilove you so much<333 and i want to be with you forever and ever plus a day<3

and ya theres lot to say about your fr.eakin amazing self!!! o.e <33

Enwiqquuueee!!!! ight you my h.oe now okie dats not funna change

your so sweet,funny and nice <3 i love how we talk on the phone although!!!!!! we havent talked in awhile :( but we need to maybe 2marow and the next day and the next day and the next day <3 heh anywho i love you foo' and ya chut up!!!


yo i need dat grape juice bcuz if i dont get it back o.e imma go to pr.ision!!!!!! RaWr im a zombie im your zombie we are zombies and enrique is gunna hit us with a shovel....HARD! yepps ill own you on mw3 u just gotta let me get some practice and learn xD aahaah i love you big bruder<3 your my everything and a person i can always talk to enrique get annoying and never stops takling so i cant tell him sh!.t


ok jojoumofo!!!!!!

ilove youb so fu.c.king much!!!!! your MY!! bee you tea full daughter <33 your just a se.x.y kitty!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!! but ya your so fre.akin gorgeous!!!! and all that mmmhhhmmm nd wee need to talk wayyyyyy more idk how u can be my daughter if we hardly talk ;o but ya!!!!! ilysfm jojo<3

imm going to finish 2marow cuz if you cant eee i wrote a sh!.t load of stuff on each [person sobuh bye<333