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My name is Michael

im 13

and I have to start all over on Hatena

My old account is still there

I just can't access it on my DSi


Unwanted | id:Timmy-Rulez

Command Search- A, A, L, Up, L, Down, X, L


So if any of my flipnotes say that the

original creator is "Unwanted", well, its

me, but I can't post flipnotes from my

SD Card. Which is where all of my flipnotes



please check out my flipnotes from my old, and

my new account!



I have a Deviant Art, even though I never post stuff...

I love to skateboard, draw, write, eat, sleep, and play hockey.

my favorite creators are, Near Shot, BOSS, Shiny Eevee, Gizmo, Picky Eater, Alyssa, Trent, NekoKitty, Nine Tails, and Da-Kun.

I have anger issues, sever depression, and bipolar disorder.

so if you talk to me, be warned, I'm not the best person, but as long as you don't make me angry, I'm pretty cool I guess.


I suck at animation, but please add stars to my flipnotes.

Most of my flips are completely pointless and random.

like the one about the heart beating, it wasn't how I was feeling, or anything, it was random, and I was bored...