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Just someone who sprites!

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Just someone who sprites!

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Hello everyone, welcome to my creators profile. my name is yusuf, I joined Hatena on February 2011. i make sprites and i animate them. i've made some great friends on here, and they are spriters too.

I've been working on my official action series- Mario&Luigi: Bowser's Galaxy. the idea was basic, bowser kidnaps peach. Then, I expanded it, check out the series for more details.

I'm gonna try to put as much action in this series as I can. inspired by alvin-earthworm, creator of SMBZ. thanks to all my fans for the support, i've gotten over 1,000 fans!

It will take me time to make my sprites and animations. Maybe even a month. here are the future sprites/projects i'll be working on:

new hammer luigi

> 100%

ultra hammer v1

> 100%

green yoshi v2





new wario sprites


mega powerups pack

done, not post

requests i don't take because it takes up time, but when i have time i will make them, just make a flipnote and post to my channel saying 'for yusuf'. thanks

i might not update these until a month or so, mainly because of homework or i'm busy with other things.

if you wish to contact me then this is the e-mail:


~Thanks and that's all!