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HALLO PEEPZ!! :PP I missed hatena, I hasn't been on in a while :DD i'm back!! and i'm here to stay!! I just wanna say that, 1st of all, Hatena is a fail and I MAY quit and tell all my friends to NEVER get hatena, because, Hatena does NOT do anything about our problemz, ANYWAYZ life it pretty good, other than my therapy I take (I cuts mah self and trys to kill mah self) ANYWAYZ!! THATS MAH SECRET!! anywayz, I has da best bf, but somebody reported him, their mentally retarded like Levi lawl ily Carey <3 OH!! and Hatena sux eggz! xD I would say something else like, balls, but OH WELL XD!! -KThankiezBai

2-13-11 1:18 a.m. EST -~Breezy~-