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I'm a gamer who loves Mario, Kirby, Touhou, and Minecraft. I'm not a brony.


Mell is a light blue Kirby with a sword called the Blaze Blade. He uses fire or ice, depending on the weather.

Dozer is a purpleish Kirby with all kinds of magic. He rarely goes outside...

Devon is a human who knows everything about weaponry. His favorite weapon is the Star Cannon.

School is starting so I won't be able to post as much. This may or may not be noticeable.


Random8: 4 Pages!

KSSU Mell: 100%?

KSSU Icons V2: 80%

Touhou Icon Pack: 5 Icons!

Other: (Video %, Audio %)

Brick's Breakdown: 49%, 100%

Mr. Asdfghjkl: 30%, 100%

Epic Jet: 0%, 100%