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Name: Natalie (call me Coldeh)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Quote: 'You told me not to lie. So why do I have to apologize? Im not sorry for what I did.'

Temperment: I can get a bit mean and sarcastic, but its my way of showing love ♥.

Other: Well, I vent a lot. Mainly because of my background, and such.

Oh, and I'm sorry if i accidentally start talking in Finnish to u guys, I was born in Finland so yea... bad habit.

Some things I might say:

Hei - Hey

mitä kuuluu? - What's up?

Olen pahoillani. - I'm sorry.

näkemiin - Goodbye.

If i say something else, dont be afraid to ask what it means... I will most likely answer...



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Look me up~ I won't turn down a friend request~

K, thats all you need to know.