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My friends are amazing :3

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My friends are amazing :3

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Hi everybody I'm ♪Meg♪ I hope u guys love my characters. The character that I made is Meg, Bubble, Shade, Zack, Royce, J.Lo, and more. Now let me tell u something about Meg, she's kind of like Rosy The Rascal but different. She has a Ice Sword. Oh, there one more I need to tell Meg's has sister and brother her sister name is (Jaclyn the Rascal) her brother name is (Zack the Cat). :D


My Characters:

Meg the Rascal (o.c.)

Jordan the Hedgehog (o.c.)

Alice the Angel Rabbit (o.c.)

Alex the Hedgehog (o.c.)

Bubble the Water Fox (o.c.)

Max the Wolf (o.c.)

Shade the Vampire Demon (o.c.)

Zack the Cat (o.c.)

Royce the Demon (o.c.)

J.Lo the Dancing Wolf (o.c.)

Jaclyn the Rascal (BFF Jaclyn Hishop from skool )

Michael the Wolf (BFF Jaclyn Hishop from skool )

Sasha the Husky Martyr (o.c.)

Yoru the Bat (Friend Viviana from skool)

Name:Meg the Rascal




Status:in a relationship

likes:every thing I like lol. hanging with her friends, brother, and sister. being with Shade. being nice to people. playing with her sword

Dislikes:getting out of control

Forms:Evil form (Mega the Rascal Demon) Boy form (Seg the Rascal)


Several things that you should know about me:


╔♫═╗╔╗ ♥♕