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hia!! my name is Amanda



light brown hair

blue eyes


i love music, animals, hockey, drawing, and the outdoors:)

my fave artists are Rise Against, Adele, Maroon 5, LIGHTS, Eminem, Drake, and more... (to lazy to list them all...) i am a huge Flyers fan!:D <3

i love making new friends. they r always good:)

"debbie downers" irritate the sh.it out of me! they always put ppl down or make everything... well, down... makes me so mad >:O

rude ppl... omg i ha.te rude ppl! they r so rude... >n<

ok so thats basically all you need to know about me! bai!<3

~XoXo Mandi<3

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! achools starting soon!!D; ughh... i start on the 5th.. -.- wont be on as much nd my mom is making me start going to bed at like 10... BIT.CH PLZ!!! like im rlllly gnna b asleep by 10 for the rest of my summer... HA... shes funny aint she?...