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I'm just a girl... that cant draw but practices it anyways :P

No more special than the next person. :)

I post once every few days. Feel free to ask to rp :)

***I update this recently****

I'm currently trying wolf drawing's and animating... I've been drawing wolves for about a year now and I guess you could say I'm improving but I'm not the best XD I also draw a bit of horses and I'm learning to draw anime and warrior cats lol. XD

Meh... My interest's are wolves, warrior cats, Anime (including Soul Eater, Black Butler, Vampire Knight and Durarara :3 ) Creepypasta(All),Pewdiepie, Cry(<3), I LOVE THE GAME IB :D, I also love the Regular Show and Adventure time. ;3

I have a lot of obsessions but I do not let them effect my flipnotes. Unless it's requested that I do so. xD Or it fills the wolfie space.

Rp's: Anyone >w>

Request's: People who faved me. ^w^

Collab's: Friends :P

AMV's: Close friend's.

Though, no anime please. Just wolves and maybe horses.

I love to make friends and I'm open to making some new ones!

Good Friends On Hatena! (Tell me if I forgot you!)

Luner (Sissy! XD)

Akita Wolf

Herra (Welcome back!)








ToxicNova (Old bud!)

Scareh! (Old bud!)

And lots more friends...

People who inspire me! D3ADSONG, Burntfur, S0larPaws, Gypsy, LunerPup, RavenHawk, Akita, kendavi and riddlez.