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Hi guys! It's me David! . Let me tell you a little about myself. I am short, I love swimming, reading, drawing, writing, and most importantly, learning about marine biology!My brother is also here on Hatena! His name is Nano. Here are our commands:

DavyBoy: lly(down symbol) bx(up symbol) y

Nano: x(down symbol) yby(left symbol) x(left symbol)

I would also like to give credit to my friends reader girl, johnnyshow, tuck and mg, punkK9, loko4coco, online nerd, vaati, princesa, shadow, ninja, ninjawuv, mialoves, were wolf, niallistic, izzy<31D, and katee <3. I am well known for my contest The Hatena Voice so please enter! So........... Byez!!!! :)

So, I will be gone 4 a long time but i WILL be back!