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HEYYYY! Sup meh peeps!? dB

Im Beautiful and im here to make flips and friends! So if you wanna be my friend just ask! I DON'T BI.TE! most of the time.., XD lol


uuummmmnhh.... OH! here are my o.c's!

B (me)= A wolf hybrid. who loves to have fun and pull pranks on her friends, and goof off.

Age=11 1/2

Hana= a furry cute little creature from another planet. o Oo. The flower on her head is a part of her and contains her powers. (So dont try to pick it off XD) ANYWAYS she very nice and kind and she loves plants and animals. She doesn't eat meat so she eats fruit and sweets. She crashed landed on earth in a space pod like her brother and sister e we i will reveal that later in a series i MIGHT make.

Age=??? I guess about 9 yrs...

Bow (a typhlosion)= She's a high spirited smart, bright, rough, strong, nice typhlosion. She wears a bow on one of her ears XD thats where the name Bow came from.she also likes another certain typhlosion...e we

Sereane= a Rapidash who likes a zebasrika named Strika (not my oc) Sereane has been through a lot o Oo

Rosco (yep XD)= a recently just evolved Dragonite. HE ALSO WEARS A TTTTIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! yep XD.

I will type other O.C's later...

Now a bit more about myself...

Do you wonder why i put the tm in my name?

the tm stands for to me.

which my whole user name means that my artwork will always be Beautiful to me no matter what anyone thinks or says! >:D


I will write more here later.