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Hello im C1 some people might know me by my character and its unique hat lol...

Well lets talk about me my name is Christian No Last Name For You lol... and i come to hatena cause some people have told me this a great place to express my art and skills...

Well i am a funny person i like to draw all day...

my fave cartoons are Regular Show, MAD, Adventure Time, The Problem Solverz, Pokemon, Bakuman (lol not bakugan... bakuman its an anime of a 10th grader wanting to be an artist or should i say a mangaka)... Well some flipnotes are in progress like the following:

The summertime loving Flip: development

3DS is dangerous Episode 1: Finished

3DS is dangerous part 2:meh

were do babies come from: this flipnote is in development

Pops goes BOOM!:finished

PROJECT 1080: Is a group of flipnotes that will contain music im some part of the flips or some group of music videos i will release... or some parodies of songs i will be thinking on making...

Any ideas???? let me know please


Now this are my goals that i want to achieve:

Main Goal: is to be a recognized animator for my country

100,000 Stars

200,000 stars

500,000 stars

100 flips

500 flips

1000 flips

100 fans

500 fans

1 purple star

1,000,000 stars

1000 fans

be in the popular section

being ranked in the top 10

being #1 ranked

be a famous creator


so well this is all hope you enjoyed to read everything i wrote lol well see ya tallyho.......... ~C12011