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Someone asked me if I was a dude so just to make this clear, I AM A GIRL but also a tomboy so that's probally why I was asked that. Well whatevs, anyway, Some stuff about me is that I'm a self-taught sketch artist, my b-day is April 2nd, I'm a HUGE animal lover, my favorite sport is soccer, I'm on my DSi and the computer 24/7, I LOVE purple, and some of my fav shows are Durarara!, Ouran High School Host Club, Junjou Romantica(best yaoi ever!!!),Naruto Shippuden, and Black Butler. A few of my fav artists are Beyonce', Lady Gaga, Nightcore, Flyleaf, Daft Punk, The All American Rejects,Dj Blend(even tho he doesn't make his own songs his mixes are SIICK!),Utada Hikaru,and Slipknot. I like pop, rap, hip-hop, rock, metal, screamo,japanese, and vocaloid music. But I LOVE techno music.I'm a techno noob and proud to be!!!! I could go on a serious techno rant but I won't. Some of my fav. techno songs are Zombie Nation oh oh oh (that song you hear at football games), Sandstorm by Darude, I like that- Luciana, Video Killed the Radio Star- Nightcore, Pretty much anything by Dj Blend, Change Style and Turn me up- Benny Benassi,One More Time- Daft Punk and House Baby- T-Bool. ( I HIGHLY recommend these songs. They're AWESOME!!!! x3) And the one thing that I swear I'm going to do before I die is go to a rave. I refuse to die without going to one! So when I'm in college you don't have to guess where I'll be spending my free time. >ETO ha ha.

I HATE Justin Beiber with a burning passion, all country music except for "Undo it" by Carrie Underwood and "Life is a highway" by Rascal Flats, the banjo, immature guys/people,art theives, liars, and rudeness. I can't stand it when people bully others. It seriously gets on my nerves! Since last year I've become sort of an anime noob and I'm LOVIN IT! X3 I'm also a yaoi fan. And if that's weird then it should be cause I'm weird just like everybody else and I'm rockin' my weirdness to the fullest baby! Another thing is that I don't read books. Why? Cause they're BOOKS! Eww. They're all like boring and stuff. If you catch me reading I'm reading manga or fanfiction. Um..something else......hmm...did I mention that I can be slow sometimes? Well now you know. But I'm only human so what do ya expect? Oh! I thought of something else. You might not be able to tell but I'm suicidal. Yes..I's weird that I like to mix different kinds of soda together. lol I bet you thought that I meant the deadly type of suicidal when I said that and my response to that is, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!! I'VE GOT MY WHOLE LIFE TO LOOK FORWARD TO! SOMETHING LIKE THAT IS OUT OF THE QUESTION!!! *sigh* whatever. Another thing would be...I want to be a vet when I'm older along with a cartoonist and maybe a writer. I dunno but I just wanna make a good amount of money cause hey, nothing is free is the world. Plus, I'm not spending 4 years in college for nothin.

It's kind of a curse but I'm a perfectionist. It's not the best thing in the world but it does help at times. I love my friends in real life and on Hatena. Some of my friends are Dark Girl, Zach, Abigail, Mickey Ash, Tytionna, Emma, Rawr DOMO, Ninja Rawr, Lili, Hellbringr,Lind$ky, Techno, and Christian. These people are seriously freakin' awesome so check'em out yo. Well that's all I got. Homeslice out. And don't forget the most important thing ever.....

¨ ° º ¤ ø "TECHNO" ø ¤ º ° ¨

"Ø ¤ º ° ¨ FOREVER` ° º ¤ ø!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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