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When I was 7, I got my first Nintendo DS. It was the old fashioned, bigger version, and even though I wanted a DS Lite, I was happy I got a DS at all. Later on, one of my friends was getting a DSi. He gave me his old DS lite. Then I was jealous. Again. About him getting a DSi. When my brother's birthday came, he got a DSi. I was SO jealous. When MY birthday FINALLY came, I got a DSi. Shortly after that, I discovered flipnote studio. I started making flipnotes, and some of them were REALLY hard to make. Then I discovered you can connect your DSi to the INTERNET! I was all about that. I tried and tried and couldn't do it. Then I realized you needed the computer's PASSWORD. THAT changed EVERYTHING! I always went on Nintendo Wi Fi Connection for Mariokart DS, never looking back to Flipnote Studio.

When I rediscovered it, I found out about flipnote hatena. I joined, I got an ID, I did everything. Flipnote hatena is SO much FUN! Seeing other people's work, adding stars, writing comments, (You need an ID for that) seeing how popular and funny some people can be, and etc, etc, etc. The possibilities are ENDLESS, so I want to thank Nintendo, and Hatena, for making this possible. Hope you enjoy my flips! -Chad.