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Hai there welcome 2 meh profile ^_^


Fave colour: Yellow! ^_^

Fave animal: Lions and wolves!

n: no m: maby y: yes

will i fave you? m

will i be your friend? y

will i try to be a noob? n

Death, Dispair and Pain. Three things nobody wants, but i suffer alot. (well maby not the death bit) :'( Well at least sometimes. People make me feel like im nothing, and i feel like my existance has no reason. Death is what i beg for sometimes. But never, never does it come. My few friends treat me well. They are the only ones. I dont tell my parents, because, i tried once, and they did nothing. I look out my bedroom at night and wish i could just die. There and then. Rarely am i happy. I drew theese 2 days before my birthday, but nobody cares about that. My life is an accident.





I am a crazy girl whos crazy about animals and crazy about the enviorment. No, I am not a hippy. I just like the enviorment n' all. I am really really hyper allmost ALL THE TIME. From time to time i may hve a spaz attack or an emo attack. One time I had an emo attack and was about to slit my wrists when I dropped the razor and had a spazz attack on the middle of the floor! (My spazz attacks are when I go so hyper and start rolling around and twitching on the floor) My bro came in and was like: Wtf? and I was like Wtf? right back at him! x3 I make everything funny and my friends call me a great person to be around.