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I`m Cosmic Cat and i draw cat,wolves,and other creatures.

I`m so excited because i have a pretty good chance of getting a chinchilla for Christmas!Moving on,heres some of my goals:



  • Pawprint(girl)
  • Onyxclaw(girl)Skystream`s sister
  • Skystream(girl)Onyxclaw`s sister
  • Copperclaw(boy)
  • Cosmicfire(girl)Meadowtail`s sister
  • Meadowtail(girl)Mother of Snakepaw and Swallowpaw,Cosmicfire`s little sister
  • Snakepaw(boy)Meadowtails son and Swallowpaws sister
  • Halfheart(boy)
  • Hidden(boy)
  • Arrow(boy)


  • Cheetastar
  • Wolfclaw
  • Spiritstep
  • Mossstorm
  • Peep*
  • Starpetal
  • Ivywhisker
  • Venom

There would be more facts about me on here but i`m lazy and don't want to attract a stalker :D I also have made some channels, if you post on "Cosmic Cat and Friends" or "Warrior Cats and Wolves" I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Well i have nothing else to say but, have a great life >U<

  • Cosmic Cat