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spirit clan member*

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topex clan member*

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Spirit a S.F. clan form by peacemaker.

Titan a S.F. clan formed by FireFly14.

Topex a S.F. clan formed by Spark.

Magnum a S.F. clan formed by B3@T.

Hey guys Its me MR.CHEEZ! I'll be alot slower with posting cuz I got sch**l so ya I only really got weekends to make flips. FireFly14 was a big help in my rise to power but now I must destroy him! lol! No... FireFly14 really helped me before I got my DSi and still helps me now! My favorite creators are FireFly14, ACE, MiSH, Amadeus, Smiles (quit), Nathan.G. (quit), IronNinja (quit) and tons more! I like making Stick Fights and I'm working on a sprite sheet! My goal is to get over 100 fans before I get a 3DS (Memo) and to get top creator ranking at least once also. Plz help me reach my goal of 100 fans! OK well I think I'm done here so I'll make updates every time sometin comes up!