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Hello everypony

i geuss im gonna tell you a little about myself here

umm well i can play guitar and clarinet and drums and piano i live Pennslyvania i love music (thats why i make so many mv's) my favorite colors are green blue black and purple i love pizza cherries and pistachios, my favorite bands are my chemical romance, greenday, and owl city.

im 13 years old ill turn 14 in november, im jewish but im not very religeos though like im not kosher (if you dont know whaat kosher means LOOK IT UP!!!!) i'm a pegasister if you know what that is your awesome! XD i also love anime and invader zim. i want to become a video game designer when i grow up and igeuss thats it for now so BAI!!!!


im not on flipnote hatena for stars i honestly dont care if im popular