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This is Blaze.

I left quite a few months ago, but I am back.

Sure, I'm not able to comment, but I don't need to.



  1. Team Haxis returns with its usual false report spamming; as the last two or three times, it will just crash on its own and not accomplish anything. Of course, they'll go on their usual sprees of being arrogant and acting like they rule everything, throwing in some insults and whatnot, but as usual, it is still not any threat at all. And this time, I've actually blocked the leader's comments. Don't know why I didn't do that earlier.
  1. Scams and stolen flipnotes in the Most Popular and Top Ranked flipnotes. Don't know how they got there. Perhaps people forgot what scams and stolen flips were?
  1. School is out for me, finally.
  1. All channels of mine have been unlocked. Feel free to post in them.