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hey it is me chrisben and dylan told me on a scale from 1-10 i am 9 which means In am very good I hope I get more fan at least a 100.

my goals:

fave by dylan check

fave by gorch dude check

fave by sir issac check

fave by anthony

fave by scribbler check (this is so far the best}

fave by cheesepuff check

fave by Zlargy check

fave by luke guy

get a green star check

get 100 stars check

get 1000 stars check

get a purple star

get a red star

get a blue star

get 10 fans check

get 100 fans

try not to be a beeger any advice ell in on of my flips comments

2kano and zeeky not to hate

best ranking


come and chat with me the password is puffle

oh and I have been on hatena for one year