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Hey random person, My name is Corey. I know my username is my middle name Michelle, but that's only because I hate my first name. So, you want to know about me? I'm 14 years old, I read some mangas like:

Lucky Star

Kingdom Hearts

Maxiumum Ride


Tokyo Mew Mew

Shugo Chara

...and I also read regalure book series. I'm in eighth grade and I live in Texas. I love drawing and I guess I'm pretty good at it(not really XP). I play flute and violin. Unlike most people, I LOoOoOove broadway and musicals! I play games like Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon but that's pretty much it. I love writing stories too but, I can't sing, dance, get a guy or stand over high heights. I'm terribly shy and whenever I talk everyone gets all excited or they make a big deal about it.

I have a youtube account too! It's notsomichelle without any capital letters.

I'm not all that interesting am I'm? Anyway, I'm gonna stop right here 'cos I think you know way more than your supposed to.