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Hi everyone, I'm cookie kid. :D I've been here since January 2011. I'm a 15 year-old American-Mexican girl that loves to draw Sonic the Hedgehog!!! <3 Yo si hablo espanol. :) Also I'm the most LAZIEST person you'll ever meet. ;D Hahaha

Lately, I haven't been here on Hatena because mostly all of my friends left. Especially my first friend Spyrogirl. She was really nice and also Mexicangir. I miss her so much, if you guys have any contact with PLEASE let me know. Thank you. Also the other reason I haven't been here is that I've been on Deviant Art (DA)and that's where I put all of my drawings. I really improved since I've been here on Hatena. Here's my DA profile ---> :)

I've made lots of new friends here but they haven't talked to me...or I haven't talked to them. >.>;

Also I have a FC named Jamie the hedgehog. She's been through a lot of changes. :/ But I still love her no matter how I change her. Right now she's single. ;D Here's her mini bio. :)

Name: Jamie Alexandra

Nick names: James, Alex, Lexi, Lex

Age: 15 (she ages when I age)

Species: Hedgie!

Fur Color: Light blue

Arms+Muzzle: Peach

She's the Princess of Apotos but she lived in Knothole with her dad and the sonic gang. She didn't know her mother until she was 14 because when she was 3, her memory got erased by Dr. Robotnik kidnapped her so her dad thought it was best to leave the kingdom of Apotos and his wife stayed back with Jamie's big bro James. She left Apotos at the age of 3 with her dad, Sir Jaime. Her mother, Queen Jessenia and James went to Knothole to see Sir Jaime then Jamie found out that her mom wasn't dead, and that she's a princess.

She's outgoing and loves to run. She loves to be free and so her theme song is "Free" by Chris Madlin but girl version. Here's the link ---> She likes to have competitions with Sonic to see who's faster. Also she can't swim. :c Her powers are telekinesis and chaos blast. She got them by being trapped in one of Eggman's contraptions with Shadow and Silver. Sometimes she's getting help from them 2 so that she can learn. She's young and wild but caring too. Sometimes she gets annoyed by the castle guards following her. xD

Well I think that's it. Oh wait, even though I said I was leaving, maybe I won't if I get motivated to do some flips. :) Bye.

Full name

Yalitza Moreno Estrada


Female foo'!




December 17, 1996

Blood type

warm blooded (i don't really know) :3


Phoenix, Arizona!! 602! >:D


Camelback High School

Place of residence


Place of birth

Phoenix<AZ!! >:)


drawing, going to movies, playing the Nintendo Wii and Ds, hanging with friends, sleeping :3

Special skills

I'm mixed handed! Can use both hands sometimes. :D


Spanish, English, and Spanglish! LAWLZ! XD