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hey I'm in 8th grade love to sing dance athletic

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hey I'm in 8th grade love to sing dance athletic

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Last updated: august 10th.

Heyo itz MUSIC4LIFE aka mr.swag no jk lol.

Flipnote is awesome

I have emailed nintendo and they have said youtube for dsi should be out later this year. Just to inform you.

Also im thinking of doin a icontest ya know?

All of my flips i make take me @ least a few hours except when i do the little music ones. The longest one i ever did was my 1d 1 thing elmo and i know it should be out very soon also i am startin a new series in sep. Trailer out soon.


I have alot of flipnotes made saved just waiting to post em ya know.

Now questions and answers.

Coming soon when i post the flip lol

MUSIC4LIFE peace out -gone- till next time

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123 never gonna tell ya lol


My name is musicfella and coolboy so I am a girl what do u think I am I am a baoy


Old enough


456 never gonna tell ya sike july 63 lol