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2 people share this account. 1 boy (coyo) and 1 girl (wolf)

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we have spent 1/2 our lives with dogs ( 67 to be exact ). coyowolf is a combanation of coyotey and wolf. we love both and live in a state where both live. wolf (the one who typed this) is the writer in any flip with wording out of the two of us. coyo's the artist of the two of us and has many different styles so you can't really copy his drawing ways ;p try to and you'll get it wrong. his main style has been taken up by a lot of people so yeah he like keeping you guessing now of days you might notice this in our series wolf knights. each one is a chapter i guess. we might have AVs and AMVs be chapters, side storys and memories for the characters. FYI we would love to hear just once how much you people enjoy the series. we know you like it other wise no one would view it. the wolves in it are pretty triered of not hearing how you like our work and frankly they getting pissy over here. they won't show it on screen but trust me they annoyed. P.S. even though we are of different genders we aren't dating or siblings!!! we just really good friends. OK?!?!?


14 & 14 1/2

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don't know


drawing, animating, gaming, writing, reading, swimming, making Wolf Knights and Secerts

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drawing, supporting and defending people ... if that counts, encouraging others to keep on doing what they like and sometimes living.


english and only a few words here and there in different languages from some world wide known countries.