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Hello all!

As you can see i'm an "artist" from Europe; Belgium.

I'm 16 years old and I like to draw and watch movies.

I learned to draw from some people, their draw intense is so awesome!(Nathop, Rikudou, Sitraka :), Judgeredd, and many others! I like to make also sprite movies, thanks to LeonD

a pro in sprites :p.

Don't likes:

1: What i don't like first on hatena are people that give bad comments on your flips and they aren't way better!

2: I can't watch flipnotes from other regions like USA or Asia

That was it a litle bit about me :)

hope I can see you soon on Hatena ;)!

about the ninja war flip;

can't post antyhting :((

why? got exams :'(