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I have to confess, that... I really DON'T know who I am. I feel as if I have uh, what's it called? Oh! multiple personalities. hmmmm... I dunno. I try my best in my artwork, (It's hard for me to draw on this darn thing). I like being supportive. It makes me feel good, helping another person. I like making friends even though I'm not good at it. I feel nervous and rather... dramatic (?) trying to fit in with other peoples personalities. *sigh* I guess you could say... I act different around different people. Lets say, If you act suffisticated, I'll act suffisticated around you,or if you're funny and nice, I'll act the same way. You see, I don't know what Kinda personality I have so I'm asking YOU to tell me. I'm polite I guess you could say. and funny at times. I love Sonic charracters, Manga/Anime such as YU-GI-OH (origonal)shonen jump manga and Shojo Manga like ULTRA MANIAC,Magic Touch, OTOMEN,Vampire Knight, Alice and the land of Hearts (or country), ect.

I also enjoy Music. My life would be nothing without it. Or my

I'm a perfectionist on myself ONLY. I'm not critical. I enjoy EVERYONE'S artwork. I hope to one day get a devian art account considering I draw better on paper than a screen about 4X5. hahaha. My life is complicated so, I'm an understandible person as well. I tink I pretty much cleared it, bye. O[]O (credit to stripey for this awesomely awesome face! lol!)

have fun on hatena!! >:D