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Hi flipnoters.

I hope you're all having fun.

I'm sorry for not doing flipnotes, and the truth is...

I've stopped making flips.

Grr... What I'm going to say now won't please you, but it's the truth.

The main reason I started flipnote, was so I could learn how to animate, since I want to be a famous animator when I grow up. As I went along, I loved this, and then I met you all, my friends. It was great, but recently, I've been finding flipnote studio too.... simple. That's why I've stopped, and I'm now looking for animating software on the computer.

I'm sorry to have disappointed you all.

I hope you can forgive me one day.

I hope you win the battle against the false-reporters.

And the copiers, etc...

Hatena will be my best memory yet.

I will not forget the fun I had.

I will miss my friends.

To my friend, Piccadilly, who left Flipnote a year ago:

To Torako, Woof Cakes, Witacha, Zoe, Zucario, Twiggy, Scarlettand many more:

To Mortel, Marie, Ravensa, Boris, Laura, Kibi Wolf, Grey Wolf 98, DNA Wolf:

So this is me saying goodbye.

Thankyou Hatena, for having welcomed me so kindly.

I will miss you all.

A lot.

This is Mist signing out for the last time.

~☆ =^=,