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Welcome to mah CREATOR'S ROOM!

Chain: Hello!

Aidan: Yes hello. Now I'm going to ask Chain some ?'s

Chain: okay

Aidan: What kind of flipnotes do you make?

Chain: Comedy, MV, and a little bit of stick fights (SF).

Aidan: Who is your fav creator?

Chain: Tough question but I would have to say my friend Super MnM. You rock dude!

Aidan: Are you in any SF clans?

Chain: Clan Wings! >:D

Aidan: Do you like muffins.

Chain: How could you even say that?! Are you crazy? I'll do anything for a muffin!

Aidan: What's you fav food?

Chain: T_T Like I said, MUFFINS!!!!!!

Aidan: Fav color?

Chain: Green. Secret: My hat is actually green .O.

Aidan: Sport?

Chain: Basketball

Aidan: Where does your motive come from?

Chain: Other flips or creators.

Aidan: Who are your friends.

Chain: Super MnM, Speedy, Altilary, Edge, Darkwing, and more! Everyone's my friend!

Aidan: Is there anyone you hate?

Chain: I don't hate anyone.

Aidan: How do you feel about the whole "Squirtling" stuff?

Chain: "Squirtlings" BS in my opinion. Everyone's creative!



My name is David NONE-OF-YO-BEE'S-WAX. I am an average video game loving, funny, fun, [except for my fat I am actually short, and skinny (I way 85 lbs XP)] Americano (American for all you people who don't know what Americano means >:u). I am age OVER 9,000! (Not putting too personal info) But my B-day is at the beginning of October. I love love love LOVE!!!!!! Naruto. Ask me any question and i will answer. Naruto is the best thing ever since cheese. link to all episode that have come out in japan -> http://naruto.viz.com/

I got X-box Live: Komodo K1ng <-exactly that

i beat Pokemon white in 4 days

i like Pokemon

i love hatena

i mac'n cheese is fav food

yes i am a dude (not a dudette)

i am best at stick fights i am ok at comedy <-(this is out dated)

I am good at stick fight's and Audio flips

people who have inspired me-

These are awesome creators and have fantastic skills. (Fave Them now woman)! >:D

                                                                                                                                                                • \

Puny Term Goals on Hatena:

100 stars

1 fan

Low Term Goals on Hatena:

1000 stars

5 fans

Fine Term Goals on Hatena:

5000 stars

1 green star

15 fans

Normal Term Goals on Hatena:

10000 stars

2 green stars

20 fans

Long Term Goals on Hatena:

50000 stars

10 green stars

1 red star

35 fans

Longer Term Goals on Hatena:

1,000,000 stars

20 green stars

8 red stars

1 blue star

Longer Term Goals on Hatena:

3,000,000 stars

50 green stars

20 red stars

5 blue stars

Longest Term Goals on Hatena (never gunna happen!)(Who said that O3O):

5,000,000 stars

100 green stars

40 red stars

10 blue stars

1 purple star



Hatena Legend


FRs Stealers Scammers have taken over hatena by force. But the resistence has declared w@r on them


Ruined Hatena

Ask me and I will put you in it if you have an O.C.


My hatenaversery is April 16,2011

That is all about me

Don't Steal, Scam, False Report, and have FUN!