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Meh Name Is Emma (Em-UH :D) First Off. I Ish Lurve Me Some DOODLEBUGS (Only Some People Know What They Be) :3 :D. I Say Mofo ALOT....Im Obsessed With Narwhals And Bears..Bears Are So Fluffy :3. Selena Gomez Annoys Me. >_<

Pew Pew Pew...Theres A Kid In My Tech Class That Smells Like He Sleeps In A Litter Box.....

I ish verah shy until i get to know chu...XP

Dats pretty much it c;

"You getting in it?" "Every night" ;) lmbo....I luv people :D

Im Freaky nd i kno it c;

Oh, AND Some Of My Prev. Names Have Been...

  • Stevie Rae
  • Vampire
  • I aM mE

I Dont Remember What Else...>-<''