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Hello xwx meh RL name is Daniela~ (and i hate it with a pashon XD) or most people call meh dani. ewe i LOVE to draw, i draw RL people,anime,and lol any american cartoons i like. =w= i am 12. (about tew be 13 in december WOOT WOOT XD )and i am hyper alot ewe [not wut u expected huh? XD ] and somtimes depressed... =w= and thats just about it ... XD OH! & PLZ TALK TO MEH CUZ I LOVE HAVIN NEW BUDDYS ;w; and most % of the time i wait 4 someone 2 talk tew meh first ^-^ so thanks 4 reading, luv u fans and friends ! owo


already turned 13 XD