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welcome to my profile


i live in california BUT I CAME FROM Mexico i talk spanish to

likes:amy,shadow,fiona fox,sonic,espio,tails,metal sonic,and chip tht little creature i hate shadouge and shadaze i just cant stand it i jus love shadamy i love wolves foxes

favorite singers:selena Gomez,katy Perry,Taio Cruz,linking park,rihana,bruno mars,adele,and gorillaz

birth day: june 13

year old:10

favorite movies:jack and jill,Alpha and omega,and white fang

food:i love bacon

I have 2 charecters a girl and a boy the girl is called Jennifer but they call her jenni and the boy one is called flame

. i have te worst neighbors im friends with lily and silverx3 thats all for BACON! I MEAN for now.