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Hieeeee,i am daniela but you can call me emma.well i am the beatles biggest fan,my favorite beatles are paul mcCartney and john lennon...but more paulie..xd,I luv pie,and tacos,and gleeeeee,i luv to draw anime,cartoons,and the beatles,my fav anime is naruto,i hate school,and my beatles fan friends are lil L,starrkey,karma, and mika...i luv L.s art ant starrkey.s art they are great,and i am easy to learn how to play instrumets,i know to play piano and learning guitar and also play flute....i am new in the beatles room and i luv to post in it...soo what time is it..is adventure timeee...lol i luv that show...so bye the beatles are the rule and pie and the tacos i think.XD