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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! i'm back and back from art camp i improved i think lol i still am a bad artist but i get good comments so i'm proud of that ^ ^ i have made new friends my new friends are: Mr.awsome

crystal,wes,babywolf,sexyboy, and tulipan yeah sorry if i forgot your name and you are my new friend but i dont think i forgot anyone....oooooookkkkkkk i wanna wish supa-lexi a happy birthday on the 19th *clap clap* lol and i made a flip for her soooooo yeah i got a thank you comment from her and i felt speacial to get a thank you from one of the most popular artist eva! lawl dB now that i have your attention and you reading this keep reading this!!! ok so dB upcomming flips are!! uhhhhhh oh yeah i am doing edit me's umm a pv of "what do you want from me" by Adam lambert <3 dB< ok ummm i will be in alot of chats i have been in about 30 chats lately haha so yeah i am starting my series called "sink or swim?!" yeah oh yeah and i am in to soul eater so look out for some (alot) of soul eater flips and thanks for reading this so stop reading...no realy stop reading....THIS MESSAGE IS OVER STOP READING!!!...ok byyyyyyeeeee dB