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Hello my name is Dark I am 14 years old and have been here for 2 years at most. i am working on a seires sonic called project havoc.

Friends:Meep,Aoi,(and his brothers -__-)Ray,sail,(MIA)shadow,breeanna,haruku,and 47.

descripton of me:

black hair,super dark brown eyes (black unless you look realy close)

im nice, creative, smart, caring person.

My quotes (DO NOT STEAL)

k!ll me.. (not realy)

I'VE DONE NOTHING!!! that you can prove...

I blame the canadends, ubisoft, and notch for the shortege of nayan cats

NOOOO curse you chuck noris!

i thank you notch for mincraft and i thank the internet for the free version of it.

Ok im done