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Just watch my flips and you'll find out...

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Just watch my flips and you'll find out...

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So Hello......i'm not really good at introductions cause well i normally try and stay away from this but...anywhoo

this is a small introduction about myself :D

My name as you all should know by now is Sabrina. But most people know me as either darkwolf213, dangerous, toxicheart, ToxicWolf and other names. I've been on here for a year and 4 months...i didn't really post a flip about it but i wont be anyway so ha >:D If you get to know me i'm a really fun,loyal and random girl. My eyes change color in the sunlight and sometimes on my mood. When im in the sunlight my eyes are a golden color, in the shadows their a grey, and in the normal light their normally green with tints of colors. They darken or brighten based on my mood. I love Hockey and Soccer and well skating whether its on a skateboard or on ice :3 I used to want to be a "popular" or "famous" creator and that's still what i wanna sorta be but not for my art..i wanna be known for being a great friend...cheesy or cliche i know but enough about me! Here are my Oc's in alphabetical order!

Ash the Wolf (sonic style)

Ashley Brown (Human)

Bramble the Doe (sonic style)

Bruno the Flamekrat ( i made his species and he's sonic style)

Candy the cat (sonic style)

Clara the panda (sonic style)

Cloud the wolf (sonic style)

Crustasea Ikos (ikos is her last name and speacies and sonic style)

Emily the cat (sonic style)

Emma the hedgehog (sonic style)

Firema the bat (sonic style)

Flames the hedgehog (sonic style)

Frost the cat (sonic style)

Furoka Hiltz(human)

Furoko Hiltz (human)

Glass glaceon (pokemon)

Gypsy the cafly (sonic style)

Hailpelt (cat)

Jake the wolf (sonic style)

Ivy rabbit (sonic style)

Keyoha cat (sonic style)

Lilly the wolf (sonic style)

Luke fox (sonic style)

Lulu pikachu (pokemon)

Mara cat (sonic style)

Martin the cat (sonic style)

Midoka the butterfly (sonic style)

Redbalze (cat)

Ricky the hedgecat (sonic style)

Ri-ri the cat (sonic style)

Rogue the cabbit (sonic style)

Ruby the cabbit (sonic style)

Sabrina the wolf (sonic style and wolf)

Sassy the fox (sonic style)

Snowpaw (cat)

Sparky pikachu (pokemon)

Sparks the cat (sonic style)

Spectre (magic leopard)

Spike the hedgehog (sonic style)

Stacy the hedgehog (sonic style)

Star the wolf (sonic style)

Sweetpool (cat)

Swiftkit (cat)

Trinity trait (stickperson)

Tyra Light the Chinchilla (sonic and thx leopard)

Umbri umbreon (pokemon)

Visor the flamekrat (sonic style)

Zack the mouse (sonic style)

ok so yea....lots of OC's.... thats it for now...

Toxic Wolf


Updated on 05/08/2012 11:12pm


Mood : Aggrivated, angry, sadish, no motivation

Weather:Rainy and hot


Oc's that are taken


Frost :Dating Deca (Leopards OC)

Sassy: Dating Christ (Darksiders OC)

Ricky :Engaged too MarkNIA (Mondays OC >W<)

Rex : Dating or crushing on Randomwolfs OC


IF you want one of your OC's to date one of mine please just write me a comment and i will probably allow it xD I just hate having my OC's date each other =.=

* * *

I think that's all and ToxicFlame is my OFFICIAL name so yea no more changing it :D

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if you can't tell what that said then it said "wow and they said not to give any personal info away" cause those aren't personal at all -.-*