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Name: Tyne

Username: Tynifer (nick name called by friends)


About Me: I love,love,love,love anime,sonic,volcaloid and SKRILLEX!!!!!

I don't get why bad guy's have to be so cute and awesome like greed#1 and seshomaru.

ALL of my fan girl obsessions:greed#1 envy scar(He need's fan girls too)axel demyx zexion dorchet inuyasha koga seshomaru jeice vegeta and shadow.

Most of them bad guys.

I don't get why ppl repost the only time I think you should repost is if the person says it's ok.

I live in appelton,wisconson I feel like I'm nowhere I want to be a singer but thats never gonna happen.

so That's all I'm saying about me so bye