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Hey my name is Bonna, I`m 13 years old. I hate Stuck ups,Snobs,Liars,But most of all People who are mean. My favorite songs are:

1:Super Bass

2:Average Girl

3:Got To Luv You


I Love My BestFriends.

Sinngle,And loving it[;

I can rhyme/rap<3


I`m up in the sky

Looking so fly

I aint no joker

Who always plays poker

I`m just a freak

Who knows how to speak

I got game

One day i`ll have fame

But right now

This girls got pow<3


I just got bored and yeeaah

well guess&lt;3 whaat... ha(: Lol. I always say that... August 29, my birthday is today. Yippppppy! I`ll make a flip for you if you ask me. I love noboddy except my esstfriend or essst buds&lt;3(; Their my everthing. I love them soo much, They can make everyone laugh or smile like me. yeeeeah well thanks for reading this and bee tee double you buh bye<3 ~

Remember, I`ll make a shout out if you want for you. Teext.[: