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HI everyone! I'm Darkmario and my favorite games are Mario, Kirby, and Call of Duty, but my most favorite game is Mario because I started playing it when I was 3 years old!!! I started making flipnotes because I was inspired by BOSS, Legend EX, and everyone else out there! And also if any of you saw those kirby pictures, I don't make those for my enjoyment, I make those for my fans and everyone else! PS. The reason why my ID is diva2 because my dog is named Diva and she is 2 years old!)

IMPORTANT NEWS! I got a new dsi, so the original DarkMario will be deleted. PLease refer to the new Darkmario instead. I will upload all of my previous flipnotes but they will say 0* on them, sorry.

Flipnote Statues:

KIrby and the 7 Puffs: Finished!

Kirby and the 7 Puffs 2: 32%

Grand Theft Auto: 69%%