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yello peoples :D

yes it is me o3o yoshi@awe

i have (as you can see) very few fans (just like my real life D;)

but you can also see that i am very pleased with what i got ^-^

now, heres what i like to do on my pass time and hope u can decode this (i think only mac but im not sure bout PC)


i lost track but when u read this, ull understand oFTo

so heres where stuff gets real Ó-Ò




ok so i was born on a date and im 15 and turning 16 soon and no joke i really love pie(π)and its a cherry flavor :D

i promisepromisepromisepromisepromisepromisepromisepromise there will be a fan MV soonsoonsoon… well you get the point 030

and guys! feel as free as a bird to drop by and say hi (it is very appreciated)

alright, see u guys when i see you guys

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