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...... BACK!!!!! and with a new channle :(

so guess what that means thats right, i got to start from scratch, but with summer comming just around the corner times couldnt be better. i will be continuing dots. but saddly, i think i will stop animating time guardians.... i might move to making it a manga, but u guys tell me if u still want to see it or not. on another note here is the weekly line up how i will be posting.

Tuesday, vote day : basically when i work i dont have just one animation going at a time, and if i want to finish one in a week i need to know what to work on, so here is where u get to tell me what u want to see.

Thursday, Art day: this day i will post a drawing vid, so also, leave coments on the last drawing, giving me ideas of what u want drawn

Saturday, Awsome day: this is the day that i post a flip i been spending a lot of time on, that includes dots, and mabye time guardians, along with sveral other things. the flip i w8ill deside will be based upon the results of vote day.

Sunday, Sketch day: this is a day of all the small animations i did in the week, cause when i work on one awsome flip, ill get bord with it and... well... they happen :). these sketches dont realy have a point and i hope u will like them though.

i wont really be following this guide until summer, intil then i will try, so make sure u tune into lalala.